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Why don’t you offer books and DVD’s on lease options?

It’s very possible that I’ll write a book someday, but it WON’T be about lease options! Believe me, there are enough books out there about lease options! Look, books and DVD’s are fine for some things, but not for duplicating a business model. I would feel like I was doing a disservice to people if I offered books and DVD’s on lease options knowing that this type of business really requires face to face, hands on training. This is after all, a BUSINESS. By going through my training, you are starting your VERY OWN business, and you don’t want your business to be built on books and DVD’s do you?

Why shouldn’t I buy the books and DVD’s from the mega-guru’s?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-book or even DVD for that matter (depending on what it’s covering), but if you are going to buy a book which can be a great place to begin learning a skill, do your homework and make sure the author actually DOES what they are writing about. You want to learn from someone that is very good at what you are trying to learn. Think about it.  If you were having a house built, would you rather hear the builder say, “I learned how to do this in a book!” Or, would you rather hear, “I learned personally from the best builder out there!”?  Keep in mind that most of the national touring people selling DVD’s, books, and packed seminars have never even DONE what they are supposed to be teaching YOU!

Why do you offer to teach people what you do?

There are so many people that are so desperate to make money in real estate, that they are willing to buy every “get rich quick” course out there. Yet they are just buying a bunch of fluff about the THEORY of certain techniques. I have put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and expense into learning what I do, and if I can teach people that are willing to go the distance to achieve what they want, then it will make it worth my while.

Why don’t you teach in large seminars?

I want the people I train to actually utilize what I teach them, not just get pumped up for a week only to sell the Operations Manual in a garage sale! You can’t possibly absorb all of this information in a large group of 300 or whatever. It makes the presenter lots of money I’m sure, but is completely ineffective as far as the results.

Why don’t you offer more than 2 or 3 classes a year?

Since Leasing to Buy is my full time business, I only have time to offer a couple of classes per year. The training I give, combined with unlimited follow up for anyone that comes to me, really limits the number of people I can work with.

Why do you only teach lease options?

My background from years ago is from daytrading. One of the things I learned from years of trading is that there are lots of techniques to make money in the market, but the true professional traders make their money by focusing on one technique only. That’s because they learned one technique and learned it inside and out. Lease options are the technique that fit my style, and I learned them inside and out. Investing in any field comes down to risk vs. reward. Rehabbing is very risky for the beginner due to the costs, unforeseen repairs, and market swings. But, utilizing my proven system of lease options, you will see how the risk is all but eliminated!

What is the advantage of your training vs. other courses?

There are numerous advantages, but I’ll highlight a few here.

My experience: This is what I DO. I make my living with lease options. I bring real world, everyday experience to the training sessions.

The material:  I DARE you to try to find a “traveling circus / get rich quick course” that offers what I have. You won’t find it. You can watch all of the DVD’s you want, but without the education that experience brings, the business understanding, AND the turn key system I provide you just won’t succeed.

Because I want you to SUCCEED!  I’m not trying to see how many people I can cram into a conference room. I want to see e-mails from you and get calls from you telling me how you are doing, or asking me questions. I want to know that my 4 days spent with you was purposeful.

Why do you typically only offer training at your location?

I think it’s important to bring people here to see what I do and where I do it. The greatest advantage of my training isn't just the business in a box system but the fact that I give you HANDS ON TRAINING! You come to ME, so you can see what I do, how I do it, and how the system comes together! Although there are times when I may look at another location, I really prefer to have it here.

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