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Learn the FASTEST path to cash in real estate with John Jackson, The Lease Options “King.” Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned real estate veteran, John’s course can help you succeed in lease options.


The Lease Option System

John’s lease option method encompasses an entire SYSTEM developed from the nation’s most successful lease option model, Leasing to Buy®. The system offers you everything you need to create wealth through lease options.

John’s lease option system and training are perfect whether you are just starting off or have done a number of deals. Wholesalers reap the rewards from this system as it allows them to turn deal leads into money! If you are looking for a system that allows you to get involved with real estate using no money, risk, or credit,then there really is no greater niche than lease options.

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Learn The FASTEST Path To Cash In Real Estate!

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Your lease option business all begins right here. With John’s lease option training and course. This home study course includes complete video training modules to guide you step by step to your first lease option deal.

This includes your:



John Jackson is considered the nation’s premier authority on real estate lease options, and is often referred to as the “King of Lease Options”.

Other nationally recognized real estate educators refer their students to John to learn his lease option systems.

John started his lease option company, Leasing To Buy®, in 2003, and has since done over 600 lease option transactions, with his students having done hundreds of lease option transactions as well.

John is also the ONLY educator that teaches Texas Lease Options, and even real estate attorneys refer to John for education and training on the subject.

Bottom line on Texas:
If you want to do lease options in Texas, you have to go through John’s training.

By utilizing John’s lease option strategies and systems, you can also create a very successful lease option business, or add a very powerful and useful tool to your toolbelt.

John has been featured on FOX, NBC, multiple podcasts and radio shows, as well as a #1 Amazon bestselling author of Real Estate Rockstars!

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Joe McCall

The few days I spent with John Jackson revolutionized my investing business. If you are even halfway interested in how to operate a business that makes very good money while doing it with integrity, then do whatever you can to get down to Dallas and see John Jackson! He will revolutionize your business