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How To Buy A $500k House For $5k Down

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In this course, you’re going to learn how to get expensive homes for very little down. Each lesson includes full instructional video for you to access at any time.

  • Why buy a house on a lease option? There are definite advantages to buying a house with a lease option, the main two being LOW money out of pocket and also TIME!

  • Where to find the houses? I’ll show a number of ways to find houses where the owners are much more likely to consider a lease option.

  • Setting the numbers and who pays what? How to structure the numbers properly and who pays things like insurance, taxes and what about a home warranty?

  • Talking to the seller. How do you even begin to approach a seller about this? It’s all in the language and the conversation!

  • Contracts! Which contracts do you use and how do you protect your position

  • Permanent financing. How and who do you go to to convert the lease option to permanent financing?


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  • Straight Lease Option Contract
  • $500k house for $5k down
  • Lease Option Calculator
  • Memorandum of Option
  • Seller Scripts and How to Talk to Sellers

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