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Lease Option Course

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Learn the FASTEST path to cash in real estate!

  • Leasing to Buy Operation Manual
  • Specialized materials for direct mail
  • Seller scripts specific for lease options
  • Contracts for all states
  • Texas Lease Option Course with all contracts and documents
  • Contract Control Course. Video courses showing how to complete contracts
  • 30 Day Action Plan


If you are serious about building your own lease option business, doing 2-5 deals a month, then the Dream Partner Program is what you need, if you are accepted.

John requires a short application to be completed, as he only takes on 3-4 new Dream Partners in any given time.  
It takes about 10 minutes to complete and John will review it and schedule a call.  

If you are interested and want to know if you might be accepted as a coaching student of John’s, simply contact us.

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