One of the absolute key fundamentals of success is having a coach.  A teacher.  A mentor.

What are you wanting to achieve?

2 deals a month? 4 deals a month? 5?

The odds of success with any endeavor increase EXPONENTIALLY when you surround yourself with the right people, in particular, a coach that cares. John offers the Dream Partner Program to a limited number of people which is almost like having a license agreement of Leasing to Buy, with the full education, coaching and support of John and his team, to ensure that you get deals done! If you are serious about building your own lease option business, doing 2-5 deals a month, then the Dream Partner Program is what you need, if you are accepted.

If you are interested and want to know if you might be accepted as a coaching student of John’s, simply complete this short application and John or a team member will reach out to schedule a call.

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